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Version: 8.3.100
English language: Yes
Do you need an application which will format the foremost popular file formats on your phone? Are the applications you're using too complex and not versatile? If you are in trouble and need a versatile application available on your phone that you can take anywhere, then Librera Reader is a perfect fit. This is a particularly useful application created by Librera. With the foremost function of reading and formatting the most common sorts of documents available on the market, Librera Reader can assist you edit, read documents with security anywhere and anytime. Not only that, with the convenience of “Librera Reader”, you'll find moments of comfort and delight besides enjoying the plentiful source of data that it brings.

It can be said, Librera Reader is extremely versatile when it can read professional ebook file formats such as PDF (a highly confidential and extremely familiar file format for office workers), EPUB or EPUB3 (the most popular ebook format on the market, almost all smart devices or professional readers will support this type of ebook); MOBI (is an old but improved and developed OEB format, this is not an open format like EPUB, so it is not widely used); AZW and AZW3 are two well-known ebook formats owned exclusively by famous Amazon. The ability that both formats can do is analogous to the MOBI format, and Amazon’s format also supports extremely good ebook files that contain both video and audio. Besides, there is another type of ebook format that users can encounter in this application is IBA.

This is a reasonably popular book format and developed by Apple’s iBooks Author application. However, IBA is a fairly developed ebook format with books written in the iBooks Author, but because of certain barriers to programming code, IBA is not widely used in many other platforms. And there are many rare ebook formats supported during this application like DjVu, FB2, FB2 zip, TXT, RTF, CBR, CBZ, HTML, XPS, MHT, … It are often said, “Librera Reader” is one among the few applications that support the foremost ebook file format available within the mobile application market.

Not only does it stop reading ebook files, but this versatile application also allows you to interfere with the content of just about any file you download. With this feature, users can edit text files, bookmark pages or note important content. For documents using foreign languages, the application will assist users in translating, even when you are not connected to the internet.

After you can easily understand everything contained in the data file, this convenient application can also read it to you when you are hands-free with the TTS Engine system. This is a convenient feature that helps users hear the quality and commonest pronunciation of native speakers. And if you have an unexpectedly busy job, you must exit the application, then when you return, the application will remember the point you are reading in progress, the user will not have to go to search again where he is reading. In addition, the document search system of this application works quite effectively. For users who have tons of ebook data and can't manage or find information immediately, with the search function built into the appliance , you only got to type the name of the ebook format file into the taskbar.

Search engine, everything will appear quickly and almost immediately. Users also can use this function on data files. Specifically, to quickly find a bit of certain information within the document, you merely enter the keyword search bar you would like to seek out , information containing that keyword will immediately appear on the phone screen. And the last feature that you simply cannot ignore is that the ability to read extremely good music files. If you've got a music file with lyrics and tablature, Librera will integrate you with the power to scroll with customizable speed.

Interface and usage
In general, the interface in Librera Reader is sort of well optimized. All your ebooks are arranged in a grid. You can customize and rearrange the frequently used folders to the highest list, or let Librera Reader sort for you. Besides, the dimensions of the document are often customized to your liking, this design gives users convenience and luxury during the appliance experience.

Not only that, but this great application also allows you to customize the appliance interface. Currently, this application allows you to customize in 2 modes including Day mode – everything is brightened, the document file will be highlighted on a white background, colors are saturated in good quality; and Night Mode – with this mode, the application’s interface are going to be changed to dark or the filter will minimize blue light, giving users adequate yellow light to protect the eyes. It are often said that the customization ability of Librera Reader is sort of high. If you're busy and wish to manage documents associated with tasks well, and you furthermore may need an application that brings high usability, then this is often an application that is perfect for downloading to your phone.

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