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FocoDesign – Insta Story Editor & Highlight Maker

FocoDesign – Insta Story Editor & Highlight Maker

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The Story feature on Instagram has now become an evident part of the app. After all, the feature is employed by many people a day and has become a favourite of the many content creators. Though, even after almost four years of its launch, the Story feature doesn’t have tons of editing tools. Thankfully, with the assistance of an Instagram Story editing app, you'll come up with visually appealing and unique content. In this post, I’m going to make you familiar with a must-have app for every Instagram Story user.

What’s the Need for an Instagram Story Editing App?
You might not know this, but the Instagram Story feature is accessed by over 500 million users every day. Also, more than 50% of the brands on Instagram already use this feature to reach out to their audience. Since so much content is already posted on Instagram, your stories might get lost in the crowd. To make then stand out and leave a lasting impression on your audience, you should use a diverse Instagram Story editing app. This will assist you come up with unique and memorable content for your Instagram page on the go.

FocoDesign: the sole Instagram Story Editing App you would like
If you're trying to find an all-in-one Instagram Story editing app, then i might recommend picking FocoDesign. It is a user-friendly and freely available editing app that runs on every leading Android and iOS version. You can edit your photos, videos, and even come up with all kinds of collages in one place. Although FocoDesign features a wide selection of features, I even have listed a number of its prominent offerings here.

5000+ Professionally Designed Templates
On FocoDesign, you'll find 5000+ different photo and video templates that are designed by professionals. You can select any template on the Instagram Story editing app and insert your media content instead. Furthermore, you'll easily customize these templates and save your photos/videos with none watermark. You can even add photos and videos during a single template if you would like to.

Powerful Photo and Video Editor
On the welcome screen of FocoDesign, you'll get options to explore its Photo and Video editors. Using them, you'll easily customize your content, crop photos, add texts, insert filters, work on overlays, and do such a lot more.

Background Remover
If you would like , you'll use FocoDesign to get rid of the background from any image within seconds. Not just that, you'll also insert one picture over another after removing its background.

Mixer and Audio Editor
On its Video editor, you can also find a dedicated Mixer that can help you come up with engaging content by adding several media files that display in Picture-in-Picture mode. You can also record voiceovers for a video, insert an audio file from your phone, or use its existing list of royalty-free music also .

Perfect for every kind of content
You can browse the FocoDesign app and see readily available templates for all types of users. There are templates for professionals belonging to different domains as well as influencers. It features thousands of styles under categories like travel, fashion, food, marketing, and so on.

Story Highlight Pack
Most folks save our IG stories within the sort of different highlights on our profile. Now, you'll give these highlights a shocking display with the extensive vectors and icons available in FocoDesign. It has numerous categories from where you'll pick a display image for your IG Story highlights.

These are only a couple of features offered by FocoDesign. If you furthermore may want to level-up your Instagram game and are available up with unique content, then you'll do this Instagram Story editing app. FocoDesign is out there for free of charge and using it's extremely easy. Just explore the app, select your design, make the needed edits, and you are ready with your next Instagram Story.

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