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Zombie Age 3

Zombie Age 3

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Pandemic Zombie is a topic that many people love; that’s why games or movies on this topic are incredibly diverse and highly recommend. Among them, it is impossible not to mention Zombie Age 3, which is part 3 of the series of famous zombie shooter series Zombie Age. After the success of two previous generations, Divmob game studio released the 3rd version with more daring changes. If you have ever played and successfully conquered parts 1 and 2, then congratulations. But are you ready for the more terrible landing of the barbaric undead in the game? Are you sure you will still survive and be safe? Download the game and continue to fight like a warrior to rescue the city.

Attractive plot
Zombie Age 3 has a story similar to most other types of survival games. When the zombie pandemic broke out and spread, the corpses suddenly came back to life and attacked those who were still alive. This catastrophe threatens the survival of the human race, leaving the crowded cities now almost empty. A group of people are lucky to survive and plan to destroy the hordes of zombies; they must find a way to survive and rescue others trapped in the city. What if you were also one of them? Now that you are standing between life and death, you have no choice but to try to complete the assigned mission and fight, save the people you meet to survive in the middle of a pandemic.

Simple, fun, and more
It must be said that this game has straightforward gameplay; you will play the role of the lucky one to survive and fight the zombies. Your screen will be divided into two, with the left part of the screen being the control button to help you move the character, the right part is the keys to help you attack or change weapons. During the game, after each task is completed, you will receive a bonus and experience points commensurate with your achievements. Bonuses can help you shop, upgrade weapons and equipment, buy new characters, … and experience points are to level up. The higher the level, the more you will have the opportunity to unlock more unique weapons.

The newness that the game brings
With more than 20 different characters that are opened gradually according to levels, each character will have a unique ability and different strengths that will support you in each stage of the game. You can also upgrade your style to become strong as well as increase the damage done in the character information section. Not only that, but the weapons in the game also are incredibly diverse and rich with more than 30 different types from daggers, sledgehammers, sniper rifles, … you can buy in the store or get them in the lucky wheel. Also, a critical note is gun bullets. In each stage, you can only carry a certain amount of ammo, and when you shoot off, you can only use your melee weapon. Therefore, you should consider using it; you will not want to run out of fuel when facing the zombies.

Attractive game modes
Zombie Age 3: Shooting Walking Zombie has ten different game modes for you to comfortably experience. The game will be based on your strength and strength to judge whether it is easy or difficult for you. Each game screen will have a different game mode, such as destroying the proposed Zombie, collecting objects, rescuing people… In addition, the game also has particular levels, such as motorbike driving mode and survival mode. Not only that, in each different game mode, but you will also encounter more than 15 different types of zombies. You can also encounter powerful bosses that are difficult to destroy, so be agile to face them!

Sound and graphics
When you start the game, you will quickly realize that this is a big game, not because of the size but the care of the publisher. The graphics of the game, although the only 2D, are drawn very sharp and vivid, the character movements are quite smooth. The guns are designed extremely well with full of modern motifs and equipment, to help destroy the zombies quickly. The game has a murky, mysterious soundtrack and noises that bring drama and fun. In particular, you can hear the sound of the guns very well, although if you pay attention, you will quickly recognize the origin of those gunshots. Zombie Age 3 is a game worth trying on your phone. But be careful because this is something that can keep you on the screen for hours.

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