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Unfold – Story Templates

Unfold – Story Templates

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For social media users, surely they're no stranger to posting Stories. Usually once they do that won't pay an excessive amount of attention but use the available template. In essence, they are also very beautiful, so if you are not a fussy person about the quality of Story, you do not need to think too much. However, there are still some difficult people and need their Story to be perfect within the eyes of viewers. To achieve this, they're going to need to edit tons . Unfold – Story Templates is an application dedicated to making Stories beautiful and eye-catching. Thanks to that, it's trusted by tons of individuals and is employed extremely widely within the community of individuals who regularly use social networks.

Toolkit for storytellers
This means that even if you use social media at any given time, you can still find a template that suits you. The oldest or most recent templates can be searched in this app. Applying them is also extremely easy because they are all free. Custom collections including Clasico, Film Frames, Ripped Paper, Digital Wave, and Journal are some of the most widely used in this app. You just need to use this app and apply what’s available to your photos and they are very unique. After reviewing your work, it seems like this is often an artist’s work.

You can also add text to your photos
Actually, at now , the photos are amid text. They will be a great tool to express the emotions of the photographer. For example, you take a picture extremely moody and add a few lines of text from a certain love novel. Maybe your photos will go viral on the internet? Unfold – Story Templates is more powerful than others because it offers more fonts. A unique variety that you cannot find in any application at all. These are all fonts selected directly from the people on the app’s creative team. So their quality is achieved at the very best level. In case You are not satisfied with the available fonts, you can also customize it yourself with powerful text editing.

Filters & Effects are almost the final post-production step you can do
After your photo is inserted into the themed production templates, the last step you need to do is color-tune it beautifully. To do this you need Filters & Effects. They will adjust the colour tone of the photo to match your mood. This is very necessary to express the intention of the photographer for this photo. With 10 filters and effects, including, Black & White, Glitter, VHS, and Glitch, you absolutely can become an admired photographer. These tools are employed by many famous influences from Instagram so you'll rest assured that it's an ideal complement to photos wont to post on social media.

Unfold Camera may be a new feature for maximizing users
Normally, you would take a picture first with the camera on your phone. It will be easier if you can save the image in the system and edit it arbitrarily. This means that no matter what you do with the photo, it will not be damaged and you can edit it later. Unfold – Story Templates supports you to take pictures with the camera through the application. This means that each one your pictures are going to be saved in Gallery but are edited. This will save you a step of archiving and the photos can still be reused as usual. The information security of these photos is also extremely high so you don’t need to worry too much.

Posting directly to major social networking sites
Unfold – Story Templates are linked to most of the biggest social networking sites at the moment. Especially for Instagram, you can post everything quickly. Because this is a social network for images, the app also gives priority to users who post their work here first. In addition, other social networking sites such as Facebook Tik Tok have direct links to this application. Therefore, you can comfortably receive love from friends as well as fans. Finished work after that With just a few buttons, it will spread throughout the various social networking sites you use. This is extremely convenient because it saves you a lot of time.

Download Unfold – Story Templates for android free

How to install the cache for the game Unfold – Story Templates
  • 1) Install APK
  • 2) Unpack cache folder into /Android/obb/
  • 3) It should look like this /Android/obb/cache_folder/file *obb
  • 4) Launch the application
How to Install - 
Download and extract the zip file then place it in the Android / obb folder

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