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Subway Surfers

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Version: 2.7.2
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MOD Info: Coins/Keys/All Characters

The relentless chases along the tireless escapes of Jake and his friends are probably what made the extremely famous brand of the sport imprinted in many memories – Subway Surfers. This is a game co-produced by Kiloo and SYBO Games and released by Kiloo. Manufacturers and publishers of the sport Subway Surfer are not any stranger to the overwhelming majority of players round the world with downloads on Google Play exceeding 1 billion players and over 30 million rates and comment with countless compliments of the gamer and therefore the game’s production team. These are extremely impressive parameters for a game that was released 7 years ago on mobile platforms. Even surpassed many big brothers on both PC and mobile platforms. It has been released since May 2012 but so far still receives tons of interest from players.
The game reaches 1 billion installed on Google Play

The endless fun of the sport , also because the day-to-day improvement through comments and player reviews to elevate the experience, has given it an edge . The above figures are a major example of the player’s preference for this cult game. The game is suitable for all ages and is merely labelled 3+ so everyone can download to play. With a level of capacity, requirements are not too high with only a minimum of 90MB. You can download and have a smooth experience. So have you ever played this game? If not, then don't hesitate, download immediately Subway Surfers enjoy the breathtaking chases of the sport , promising that you simply won't regret once you've got downloaded this game. You will need to like and be addicted from the primary try.

Vivid in every frame detail, colourful adventures
Subway Surfers has been wearing a Chibi 3D graphic style and is extremely suitable for youngsters . With colourful images filled with charisma, because of eye-catching graphics and filled with interesting perhaps is additionally an element that draws the eye of an outsized number of players around the globe. With the context and gameplay is not any stranger to the player. You will be placed during a railway station , but counting on the event each different updates that the sport will have different scenes consistent with the owner. The topics of nations round the world like Japan, the US … all have a particular event and meaning that the manufacturer introduces. The player plays the naughty teen who is being chased by the police and his dog for painting graffiti on tramcars. Players are tasked with controlling those mischievous little boys dodging obstacles placed ahead of them by swiping right, left to travel right or left, swipe up to leap , swipe down to slide down.

At the same time has just collected the gold coins scattered across the map and fled. Watch your eyes to make a timely decision to help the boys flee from the inspector and the dog is chasing behind you. And if you create a timely or incorrect choice, the character will encounter obstacles and be captured. Because this is often a game for several ages and particularly for youngsters , the consequences also are made very eye-catching for youngsters , like light effects, colours when flying with painted rockets, effects responding at obstacles … are made from diverse and vibrant colours. It is wont to attract interest and interest from children. The sound within the game is additionally very great and has changed over many various versions, counting on the theme of every version, the background music also will be different, but some sound effects like collision, gold. It still doesn't change with good sound and catch the ears is additionally an element that has helped to stimulate the interest of players for the sport .

Main Features
Now the sport the primary time through many various versions have come to the capital of Russia’s vast and delightful Moscow, and even have much different than the previous versions with many new things as
The events are constantly updated
Unlike the previous versions of the sport , this version of Subway Surfers: Moscow will have different missions and events than before like collecting transparent letters. The game process to make an entire ALEX word. And there also are other missions like collecting Matryoshka dolls which are symbolic dolls of Russia to possess enough quantity and receive the manufacturer’s reward given to the player.

Who is Mimi?
In this upgrade, the sport also added a replacement character, Mimi, a woman who is that the representative face from Russia to hitch with Jake and his friends in exciting pursuit journey

In addition to new missions and events, this version also has new and unique accessories like a grizzly-shaped board, a species that has become special statue of Russia. There is also a replacement outfit for the feminine character Alex, an outfit that talks about autumn and a maple leaf-shaped skateboard, a picture of that season too.

The map during this update are going to be completely new compared to the previous versions, decorated consistent with the Moscow theme of the good and luxurious Moscow . In the game, the map are going to be inspired by KREMLIN an excellent symbol of great Russia, the roads, pillars, chandeliers within the game are going to be decorated within the style of the KREMLIN palace of Moscow, Russia.

Join the endless running fun!
With a totally new map, new characters and new accessories representing Moscow and autumn in Russia, Subway Surfers: Moscow promises to bring new emotions to players. The game also helps players explore the Moscow Moscow during a small way right your mobile . So what are you expecting without downloading Subway Surfers: Moscow for an excellent experience directly . The chase chasing extremely special and interesting and has just admired the attractive and luxurious painting of Moscow. Please devour the phone and quickly download it.

Download Subway Surfers for android free

Mod Info:

Mod V1
Endless money, keys, hoverboards and boosters;
Advertising is disabled;
You can jump an infinite number of times.

Mod V2
– Infinite Coins.
– Infinite Keys.
– Score X1000.
– Double Coins.
– Double Jump.
– Rescue Keys set to 0, Rescue Ads removed.
– Infinite Hoverboard. “Must have at least 1”
– Infinite Score Booster. “Must have at least 1”
– Infinite Mega Headstart. “Must have at least 1”
– Tutorial Bypassed.
– Max. Score.

Removed at the request of the copyright holder
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