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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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MOD Info: Cleo Menu/Cheats
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, also referred to as GTA: SA, is one among the best games of the last decade . The game first appeared on PlayStation 2 in 2004, and later began to seem widely on other platforms to succeed in the broader market. There is also a mobile platform, with the control mechanism and interface designed to adapt and convey the foremost comfortable feeling to the player. Every year, GTA: SA is consistently listed together of the foremost rewarding games on every platform, and it's many reasons for it. Although the sport has the graphics of the old generation, the rationale why it's so popular is that the gameplay, the world, and therefore the storyline it offers to the player. Not only that, but it also has many hours of gameplay, albeit the player has completed the storyline, the sport still goes on, and let players explore the world.

In 2004 it was the first time it appeared on the PlayStation 2, and in the following years, they started to appear on other platforms like 2008 was for PC via Steam. And it wasn’t until 2013 that it started appearing on the Android platform, even becoming one among the best-selling mobile games. The game features a similar graphics engine to other platforms, whilst an ingenious port for the mobile platform. Because of that, its graphics, worlds, gameplay, and storylines haven't been changed, ensuring mobile players still have an identical experience to other platforms. Not only that, but the sport is additionally regularly updated with many new things, also as being optimized continuously, making it compatible with most Android devices today.

GTA: SA features a plot revolving around Carl “CJ” Johnson, a former member of the Grove Street gang. After a few events, he had to give up everything, including his family, to go to Liberty City and start a life. The game has a timeline that takes place in 1998 and is also when CJ receives a call from his family about the death of his mother. With a desire to seek out the culprit, also as reuniting together with his family, he had to return to the San Andreas.

Most GTA games are inbuilt an enormous open world, and GTA: SA is not any exception. Moreover, the planet during this game is inspired by three famous American cities, like San Francisco , l. a. , and Las Vegas . Each city was developed with familiar vibes, distinctive style, and is definitely recognizable because of its color and ambiance.

Throughout the sport , players will control CJ to explore and complete missions. And the player will control him through a versatile third-person perspective, with control mechanisms designed for the mobile platform, helping users get acquainted quickly. The game also shows proper character development, where players can interact with the environment to maneuver , like parkour and overcome obstacles. The game also will introduce many attractive features to assist players develop the character’s appearance, like changing hairstyles, exercising, and eating. Besides, players can change outfits, with many various styles available, and even interact with NPCs that appear within the world.

When players come to this game, they have two options, that is, doing quests or bashing around for fun. The mission system is that the best way for players to access the game’s storyline and unlock many desirable features within the world. Not only that, but the story is additionally interwoven with cutscene and scripted-scenario, bringing a way of life and authenticity to the player. What’s even more impressive is that the sort of characters appearing within the storyline, as they're professionally voiced, creating feelings for the player during the sport experience.

GTA: SA is seen as a violent game, therefore the weapon element is indispensable to entertain players. Weapons are available many various shapes and genres, starting from pistols, SMGs, Rifle, and Heavy Weapons. Players can collect weapons during a multitude of locations round the world, albeit missions or weapons shops. Besides weapons, the player can use the available vehicles within the environment to travel around. Vehicles also will be as diverse, like Off-road, SUVs, Vans, planes, boats, and more. They are also the most important element in the game, helping the player move to all locations of the city, and complete missions. Players can also customize their vehicles and store them in private garages around the world. The game will introduce a huge custom vehicle system, bearing the design of yank gangs.

Many other reasons make GTA: SA one among the best games of all time, like world activities, along side many hidden challenges. Of course, players can unlock them while exploring the town , also as shooting and switch the town into chaos. The map also will appear in many interesting places, along side many exciting activities to entertain players. If players want to earn money to spend on regular activities, they will undertake part-time jobs that come from special vehicles. The game has a lot of things for players to explore, even performing the foremost impressive stunts round the world.

Cheat & Cleo Added
Cheat in GTA SA may be a legitimate feature, which can be surprising but Rockstars has never banned the utilization of MODs or Cheats in its games, even GTA 5. For the version GTA SA: Cleo, you'll customize tons of things, from weather, vehicles, weapons, time, money … Generally, you'll own the sport .
We have 2 versions available in the download link. The retail version is that the paid version of the sport and is liberal to play (60FPS unlocked). The second version has added a Cleo menu, helping you customize the sport to your liking

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Mod Info:

Mod V1 - 
Ulimited Money (Click continue after entering the game).

Mod V2 - 
Has made Cleo Menu with countless features (Swipe the screen from the top down to turn on)
You can change costumes, weather, time, wanted level, vehicles, unlimited money, weapons, ammunition …
**Credit: Fastman92 Limit Adjuster Plugin
Removed at the request of the copyright holder
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