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In a career as a photographer, creating an excellent photo with thrilling, novel effects, and creating a special feeling to the viewer is difficult. It requires tons of your time and skill, also as creativity and therefore the ability to control editing tools. Because of that, perfectly edited photos are always appreciated for the trouble that photographers have put in. However, with the advance of today’s applications, it's a mess of various professional editing applications that help users create great photos. One such application is Movepic with the power to bring photos to life by adding only a couple of details. Moreover, the appliance are going to be an ideal example for users to unleash their creativity in photo editing work.

Epic photo motion & 3D loop
Movepic may be a photo editor, but its expertise is animations, gifs, suitable for creating wallpapers, and making users’ works stand out. Yes, all of its effects, tools, and features function animations, making everything within the photo more vivid and impressive than ever. Animation effects have been around for a long time, and the presence of many other things will make animation effects even more mesmerizing. Therefore, the imagination of users are going to be stimulated and become more creative in creating work and sharing them with the user community. The application also will have a separate user community for users to share skills and discuss issues associated with photo editing.

The application will ensure users an environment and therefore the best experience during use because of its specially designed interface. An interface is developed in unique, more flexible, more convenient, and straightforward to use for first-time users. During using the appliance , users only got to perform simple actions like tap, swipe, pinch, zoom, and lots of other actions to control the features of the app. Of course, the appliance automatically divides the available features into different categories for users. Each category will have a specific use, so that helps users work more conveniently.

Dynamic effect
Much like Enlight Pixaloop, Movepic will use AI to show your still photos into animations and animated short videos. Users can customize a multitude of animation effects for any photo by drawing dashed lines on the image. Then use the comb feature to “freeze” the still areas of the cinemagraph. In addition, the appliance provides quality filters with a spread of topics to suit different content, like picnics, movies, lifestyle , food, winter, season. summer, …

Editing Toolkit
All features and tools of the appliance are for editing, and it'll have many various libraries for users to look for the materials needed to insert into the image. Also, the appliance is programmed with an intelligent AI, making the user work more accessible and more interactive in order that users are liberal to edit everything. Special toolkit suitable for editing animation effects will be added, thereby giving users more options to create great effects for photos. Of course, the application will have a basic photo editor, so users can manually edit the original image and then start proceeding to add animation.
Dynamic effects are an excellent feature for gifs or use as wallpapers. Most devices today allow users to use gifs, animations to form phone wallpapers in order that users will have many new things to explore and entertain with the Movepic.

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