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Tanks, racing, and shooting must be the simplest genre for several players everywhere the planet . So have you ever imagined what would happen if all three of those video game types were combined into one? Steel Rage may be a perfect example that would not be any longer perfect. This is an action shooting game that was developed by GDCompany. The game has an extremely unique motif that you will be able to drive vehicles that equipped with extremely good modern weapons to fight against other players with your teammates. This game has many good features, including its gameplay, soundtracks, and graphics.

Mech Cars PvP War, Twisted Battle 2020
The way that Steel Rage works is extremely simple, it's very almost like other shooting games but rather than playing as a soldier, you'll play as a driver, it also similar to other tank battling games but instead of driving tanks, your vehicles will be cars or trucks. As mentioned above, you will be the one who drives your favourite vehicle to fight with your comrades, with the weapons that your vehicle has been equipped to fight against the enemy team.

Full customization
The rule of the sport is additionally very simple, the 2 teams just got to destroy each other’s vehicles until either team has no vehicle left on the battlefield. If after the timer counts right down to zero, neither team is totally destroyed, the team with more vehicles on the battlefield are going to be the winner of the sport . When the battle is over, each player will receive an honest amount of rewards that deserve the achievements that you simply and your team have achieved. The winning team will, of course, will receive more rewards than the losing team. With these rewards, you'll use them to upgrade your vehicle or maybe buy a totally fresh one.

Tons of auto bodies
The game supports an extremely diverse vehicle system with many different choices of colors, designs, and functionalities. You can freely choose your favorite vehicle model from many kinds of vehicles such as sedans, mini cars, trucks, military cars,… You can upgrade your favorite vehicle to its ultimate level by equipping it with state-of-the-art weapons, upgrading its chassis to increase durability, and more.

Various PvP weapons
The weapon of the sport includes many various types like anti-tank guns, automatic machine guns, and even rockets. Each weapon will bring different advantages. Anti-tank guns have a very high rate of penetration through the enemy’s armor, which will deal a decent certain amount of damage to the enemy. Automatic machine guns have great damage over time but are harder to hit when the enemy is consistently moving. The last quite weapon is rocketed, which is capable of inflicting an amount of enormous damage on enemies with a really high rate of accuracy but low on damage per second. You should consider choosing yourself the weapon that suits you and your vehicle the simplest .

Chassis for any driving style
In terms of graphics, the sport itself has a particularly impressive graphics for a game for mobile platforms. The developers have done an excellent job in designing every single vehicle and weapon. The most remarkable thing when referring to the game’s graphics is the battlefield maps. The battlefield maps in the game are very large, everything is meticulously designed from simple things like the trees, the grasses, the rocks to complex obstacles such as the cranes, the houses,… Along with the extremely smooth visual effects of bullet sparks, smoke effects,… All of those have made the game become more realistic than ever. If your phone is too weak, you can lower the graphical configuration down in the settings menu of the game. This will let literally everyone be ready to play the sport .

Beautiful 3d graphics and visuals!
The soundtracks in the game is also a big plus. The game has background music with the design of rock and metal, making players always during a state of pleasure for a battle. Along with realistic sound effects during the battle, the gaming experience of the player will certainly be raised to a replacement level. With top-notch graphics and realistic soundtracks, combined with the unique attractive gameplay, the sport will surely have an honest spot within the computer game market industry. In addition, the sport won't only stop at the prevailing features, within the future, but it'll even be updated tons more, giving players even better experiences.

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