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V Recorder Editor

V Recorder Editor

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Version: 3.8.5
English language: Yes
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V Recorder is currently one among the foremost popular screen recording applications on the market recently. Because it has many features that are different from the others, it will also come with other useful functions. Even with this app, players will have no problem with YouTuber work or video editing.

With the special recording capabilities of this application, it will not cause any effect on the player’s gaming process. Not only that, on the screen, but there will also be a special tool button that allows users to access the recording feature quickly. And the recording quality of this application are going to be preset to 1080p so users are often comfortable with the standard of video that it'll save. The special thing is that it will have no capacity limit during video recording. Instead, it will display the total time it took in the corner of the screen. If you want to set up something else, you can set up your video recorder according to your style.

Screen capture
This feature also will appear within the tool button on the screen, and it are often said that screenshots and recorder are going to be classified differently. Each item has its effect, and screenshots are different. With just one tap, the user has finished taking his screenshot. At an equivalent time, the shutter button are often separated to facilitate multiple shots during a short time. Screen capture settings also can be changed, like burst mode, quality, or countdown. Apart from the screen, this feature won't record anything associated with a tool button.

This is a feature that comes with the screen capture feature, which will allow users to access the drawing tool. To mark the content or as necessary things on the screen. After completing the content determination, users can take photos immediately. However, this can also be done in other ways through editing the image and starting to identify the content.

Professional editor
This application is sort of a versatile toolbox; it not only features a recorder and a screenshot; it also comes with knowledgeable image or video editor. It will include all the necessary functions for users to edit videos directly without having to switch to another application. Including basic resizing, up to both effects and filters. Not only that, but can also insert some sentences written on photos or videos. The special thing about videos is that you simply also can add a brief audio clip. Like making a tutorial video on youtube, for instance , or instead, some background music to form the video more attractive.

Do you know what the best thing about this app is compared to other apps? That is the ability to record with the sound of the game. Other applications have only one problem, which is the device’s external speaker must be turned on to record the game’s audio. In this application, you'll record both inside and out of doors , for instance , while commenting or playing games, for instance.
If you're a youtube-related person, edit videos on your phone, this application are going to be an appropriate tool for you.
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