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Alien Shooter 2 – The Legend

Alien Shooter 2 – The Legend

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Alien Shooter is that the name that goes into the parable of shooting genre for the gaming community. Almost everyone knows the famous action shooter game is that the developer’s attention. Alien Shooter 2 – The Legend has been released by Sigma Team for the mobile platform with a graphic design almost like the old Alien Shooter. Alien Shooter may be a top-down shooter that deserves the eye of the gaming community. Sigma Team is usually trying to make more entertaining games for the present gaming market.

The mission of the player entering the chaotic world of Alien Shooter 2 is to destroy the alien monster at a secret military base of the MAGMA Group to guard the planet and the survival of humanity. What’s more, the Survive mode takes us to an empty land, everywhere as monsters, appearing all over the place and increasing in numbers over time. Your task is to keep the character’s life as long as possible and destroy all monsters in certain areas.

You will get help from characters who have appeared in previous titles such as General Baker, engineer Nicholas, a genius professor and, of course, Kate Lia – our hero’s companion over the years. After each stage you win, upgrade your character and weapon. Game updates each week’s rankings to test your skills and keep you competitive with millions of players around the world. Invite more friends to play together, plus you have the opportunity to meet new friends.

The game offers a variety of maps for players to battle in online battles. You can customize the costume and style of the character. You also have the opportunity to own modern weapon systems such as machine guns, missiles, laser beams … to equip character enough to defeat monsters. Players must take on many challenges and earn as many coins as possible to upgrade their weapons. A distinctive feature of Alien Shooter 2 – The Legend is that it supports unmanned aerial combat, grenades, medical emergency kit…The other normal shooter, once you kill the enemy, the body will disappear for Alien Shooter 2 – The Legend isn't . The corpses in this game do not disappear. It’s a way to see your accomplishments done after defeating terrible enemy forces.

The music system is quite incredible, and the design is quite old, but Alien Shooter 2 makes the player feel like the world’s most bizarre monster ever. When you miss this genre of gameplay, the player must determine how intense the battle is by the number of alien monsters up to thousands and all of them attack you from all directions. Scenes around the color of a bizarre also make you scared if you look closely. Alien death is also designed to be different from the real life. The fictitious world is drawn out of the sky.

Although a long time ago and many versions were developed, but the series Alien Shooter still won the much good responses from gamers. 

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